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Looking for that PERFECT gift for the Bride-to-Be in your life? Consider giving her a Freezeframe | bloombeads Gift Certificate! Our gift certifcates can be used toward the purchase of Jewelry, framed Pieces or any Mini-Momento!

Gift Cert

It's the perfect gift that will help them begin the process of preserving their precious flowers and creating a Family Heirloom. So give us a call today or stop by our Dayton Headquarters! We'll help you cross some names off of your Shopping List! 1-800-822-9273

Creating custom jewelry from your special occasion flowers is a great way to hold on to important memories and create family heirlooms. Whether the flowers are from a wedding, anniversary, birthday or the passing of a loved one, our team will work through all your design options with you.

25. Bloombeads Flower Petal Jewelry

Bloombeads Jewelry Made from Flowers

63. bloombeads jewelry made out of flowers

Bloombeads Jewelry Made from Flowers

Since all of our jewelry is custom made, you're sure to recieve a treasured piece that is entirely unique. With our line ranging from Pandora style Bloombeads to jewelry for men, we'll help you create pieces that work for you and your family.

4. Mens Jewelry made from Preserved Flowers

Bloombeads Jewelry Made from Flowers

37. bloombeads jewelry made from funeral flowers

Bloombeads Jewelry Made from Flowers

Call our team today to learn more about creating heirloom quality jewelry from your special occasion flowers. 1-800-822-9273. With two convenient showrooms in Dayton and Columbus as well as a patented EZ-ship kit, we'll help you find the easiest way to get your flowers into our Preservation Studio.

 Freezeframe | bloombeads has a team of artisans and experts to help you make the best decisions possible when you choose to Preserve your Wedding Bouquet. Whether you want to disassemble the flowers and display them in a more artistic fashion or display the bouquet in tact, our team will walk you through every design choice imaginable!

22. Wedding Flower Preservation

Wedding Bouquet Preserved and Framed

37. Framed Wedding Flowers

Pave' Style Display of Preserved Wedding Flowers

25. Freezeframe Preserved Flowers in a Frame

Preserved Wedding Flowers in a Pave' Style Display

25. preserved wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Preserved and Framed

Call or stop by one of our two showrooms today to learn more about Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet!

Dayton Ohio: 905 E. Third St., Dayton OH 45402

Dublin Ohio: 90 S. High St., Dublin OH 43017

 Check out one of our Beautiful Brides and her Finished Piece by visiting her Facebook Album HERE!
Thank you for sending us your lovely flowers, Kristen!

Another Move?!?  That's Right! Along with Devoted to Details, Freezeframe | bloombeads Dublin Showroom is moving from our current location in the Millenium Complex off of Frantz road to a BEAUTIFUL space on High Street! With tons of shopping, eating and entertainment happening in Downtown Dublin, we're excited to see you!


Owners Carli and NanciAlong with free delivery of your bouquet and finished piece, our Dublin Showroom allows you to meet with our Sales Representative! We can sit and discuss any and all of your options when it comes to preserving your bouquet or other special occasion flowers. Whether you're wanting to create Jewelry, a shadowbox or a smaller display, we're here to walk you through every step of the process!

Shadowbox with Preserved Bouquet

We are available in this location Saturdays 11:00 - 4:00, Monday 10:00 - 4:00 and Tuesdays from 2:00 - 6:00. To set up an appointment with our sales rep, click here!


Freezeframe | bloombeads, one of the nation’s leading Floral Preservation Companies, will move its offices, production studios and showroom to downtown Dayton on Monday, June 10 adding to the ever increasing flow of arts and artisans to the Gem City.

Experts in the field of Floral Preservation, the company’s 10 employees vary in expertise from custom framing, floral design, customer sales and support, accounting and marketing. The company has also developed a patented floral shipping cooler called an E-Z ship kit, which they distribute to clients through over 100 partnering locations. These E-Z ship kits allow the company to not only service the Miami Valley, but, clients from around the globe bringing in an internationally recognized business to the Dayton Region. 

“So many special and important events in your life are accented with beautiful flowers. Wedding bouquets, memorial and funeral flowers, graduation flowers, prom flowers… people love giving and receiving flowers. And we believe that those flowers which hold such great sentimental value, once preserved, can serve as a daily reminder of those special memories or moments,” says Carli Dixon, co-owner of Freezeframe | bloombeads.

Once the flowers have either been shipped to or dropped off at the Freezeframe | bloombeads studio, clients are walked through a highly customized design process. With the help of the Freezeframe | bloombeads design team, clients can choose to have their flowers preserved in a shadowbox custom frame, a smaller display, or a custom piece of heirloom quality jewelry. While each of these pieces is able to be customized down to the smallest detail, every flower undertakes its own extensive journey from fresh foliage to everlasting art.

Flowers are cared for individually and carefully as they are preserved in the company’s highly sophisticated Freeze Drying Process. While many home based companies around the country boast the same results with smaller and simpler preservation techniques, Freezeframe | bloombeads knows through several rounds of trial and error in their early years, that this extensive and scientific process yields the absolute best results. With vivid colors and lifelike shapes, many observers are shocked to learn that the flowers in these displays are in fact preserved live flowers and not silk.

The flowers that are turned into bloombeads heirloom quality keepsake jewelry undertake the same highly sophisticated preservation steps before they are hand formed and cast in sterling silver or gold findings. When asked how exactly she forms these stunning one of a kind pieces of jewelry, head jeweler and co-owner Nanci Hames simply smiles and replies “It’s a time tested family secret, and we plan on keeping it that way.”

Relocating from a 6,000-sq. –ft. complex, currently in Clayton, has been a goal and dream for the ever expanding company for several years now. The new location a 12,000-sq.-ft., late 19th-century warehouse located at 905 E. Third St. in the Atta Girl Arts Complex, will allow the company to continue growing and serving clients worldwide. 

 “We are very excited about joining the growing community of creative and small businesses in downtown Dayton,” said owner Carli Dixon. “We look forward to being near the 2nd Street Public Market, the Cannery and the Oregon District.”

Freezeframe | bloombead products are shipped around the country as well as internationally, and the firm’s clients have included Kentucky Derby winner owner Team Valor International and Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 



More and more engaged ladies are approaching our booth at Bridal Shows to learn more about our Bloombeads jewelry made from Wedding Flowers and we LOVE showing them some examples of what we can create especially for them from their bouquet!
Our bloombeads jewelry is made from live flowers that go through the same process as flowers shown in our Freezeframe displays. When they arrive in our studio they are tagged and photographed before they go through our rehydration process. Plumping your flowers back up ensures that they are as gorgeous as they were on your wedding day before they go in to the preservation process.

The techniques we use to preserve your individual flowers are engineered to slowly dry the flowers. When flowers dry out naturally, they brown, lose shape and texture and crumble away. Through our extensive preservation processes, however, we are able to maintain the same gorgeous shape, size and color of your flowers.

After they come out of the freeze drying process, the blooms are sent through to become a pulp-like substance, that is then passed off to our head jeweler. There, your jewelry is handmade according to your unique design and cast in sterling silver ensuring the longevity of your pieces. 

Our wide range of designs includes beads, bracelets, rosaries, cufflinks, earrings and everything in between. Whether you’re designing a ring for yourself or a necklace for your family members and bridesmaids, we have something to fit every style and budget!

Jewelry made from your wedding bouquet is a great way to hold on to the gorgeous flowers you carried down the aisle. Our staff of trained professionals is here to help you. Give us a call today 800.822.9273 and be sure to check out our galleries of finished bloombeads jewelry!


Labor Day Weekend is upon us and in honor of the Holiday Weekend, both our Clayton and Dublin studios will be closed Saturday, September 1st and will reopen on Tuesday, September 4th. But, before our staff takes off for the weekend, I decided to see what everybody’s plans entail!


April will be attending her Nephews 5th birthday party while Michelle will be attending the 90th Birthday of her Friend’s Grandmother. Talk about spanning the birthday spectrum, ladies!


As far as going out of town, Carli’s plans were disrupted by Hurricane Isaac. Instead of camping, she’ll be hanging out in Dayton working on plans for the Future Home of Freezeframe | bloombeads and spending time with her awesome Kiddos! Angie will be hanging out with her family at the Lake and Hussain wins the “Going out of Town” contest with a trip out of Country! I will be helping my good friend move in to a new place in Columbus and checking out the city.


Around town, Jenn will be catching up with old friends, Gail will be zipping around a Drag Race track and Susan will be enjoying a Football Game or two. Mandi has decided her big plans for the Holiday Weekend are housework and grocery shopping. With everybody gone from the studio for a few days, Nanci will be enjoying some peace and quiet!


So what about you? What are your Labor Day plans? We’d love to hear them!