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Around the Studio

After a wonderful year of getting to know and help so many wonderful clients, we'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your support and encouragement. What a big year we've had! We've moved both our Dayton Showroom and Production Studio and our Dublin Showroom, we've welcomed new members to our team who bring with them many talents and passions, and we've had the HONOR of getting to continue creating these one of a kind keepsakes for our Friends and Family not only in Ohio, but around the world. Thank YOU for continuing to send us your cherished flowers and memories. We can't wait to see what 2014 will bring us and what you, our beloved clients, will allow us to create for you.

We will be closed from December 24th through January 1st to spend time with our loved ones and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, January 2nd. From our Family to yours, have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season full of Love and Laughter!


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Preserving Memorial Flowers is a unique way to honor the passing of a loved one. Here at Freezeframe | bloombeads, we understand that you and your family are already going through a very difficult time. That's why our team will walk you through all your design options to select the display(s) best suited for you and your family.

1. Framed Memorial Flowers

Preserved Funeral Flowers 

9. Funeral Flower Preservation

Preserved Memorial Flowers

22. Preserved Funeral Flowers

Preserved Funeral Flowers

47. Preserved memorial flower display

Preserved Memorial Flowers

49. Preserved Funeral Flowers in a Glass Display

Preserved Funeral Flowers

Give our team a call today to learn about Memorial Flower Preservation 1-800-822-9273

Freezeframe | bloombeads has relocated and we can't WAIT to share our new Showroom with you! Relocating from a 6,000-sq. –ft. barn, in rural Clayton, has been a goal and dream for our team for several years now. Our new location is a HUGE 12,000-sq.-ft., late 19th-century warehouse located at 905 E. Third St. in the Atta Girl Arts Complex and we're anxious to show it off!


We have ample off street parking in our parking lot, and are within walking distance of TONS of great restaurants and studios! So come on down and check out what's happening at Your Favorite Floral Preservation Company and browse our hundreds of samples of jewelry made from flowers as well as Preserved Flower Displays. We can't wait to see you!



Turning your Wedding or Funeral flowers in to a rosary is a unique way to not only mark a special date or person, but also an incredible way to create a keepsake that will remain in your family for years to come. Here at Freezeframe | bloombeads our Design staff and jeweler will work closely with you to ensure that your Flower Petal Rosary is made to your exact specifications.
Our sophisticated freeze drying method will ensure that your finished piece has the same vibrant colors of your live flowers.
Give us a call today to learn more about turning your flowers in to a rosary. Our dedicated staff of professionals and designers will walk you through the process of turning your precious flowers in to a one of a kind piece.