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Wedding Trends

Here at Freezeframe | bloombeads, we are not immune to the Pinterest Phenomenon. We love pinning, we love following other pinners… it’s such a great way to share ideas and interests! One of the greatest features of Pinterest is the ability to “Pin” your dream wedding and share it with your friends and family. This method of digitally passing around ideas is much simpler than lugging around a big wedding binder. And now, with a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, you can carry your boards with you everywhere you go! But, are you pinning everything you need to? Here’s our list of necessary Wedding  Pinterest Boards.

Dress: What a great thing to show the salespeople at the bridal boutique! Simply show them the handful of gowns that you found on Pinterest to give them an idea of what exactly you’re looking for and avoid trying on the gowns you’d never dare wear.  (Also, a great way to share bridesmaid dress ideas with your girls!)

Décor: Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or going all DIY on your big day, an organized board full of centerpiece ideas, lighting ideas, favors and fanfare will not only help you visually ensure that all your decorations look fantastic together, but it will help you stay super organized!

Photography: Besides the fact that wedding photography is just a GREAT way to spend hours upon hours on Pinterest, it’s a great way to show your photographer exactly what you’re looking for. Giving photographers a specific assortment of photos you’d like to mimic for your day not only helps them grasp your vision, but it helps ensure that you get those super adorable poses to frame and hang in your future home.

Bouquets: Of course, we love looking at bouquets and swooning over the framing possibilities, but, for future brides, this is a great way to check out some unique bouquets. Take your phone with you to the florist to show them your visions for a one of a kind unique bouquet! (And once you have that perfect bouquet, don’t forget to send it in to us here at the Studio so we can preserve it for you)

So, what do you think? Are there other Boards that are a MUST for wedding planning? Let us know! And don’t forget to check out some of our favorite Pins and Finds by following us on Pinterest!

Choosing your wedding bouquet can be an overwhelming experience. Do you want the traditional rose bouquet? Should you try something a little more unique? Here at Freezeframe | bloombeads, we see all kinds of unique and amazing bouquets. Here are some of the trends we’ve seen this summer that we absolutely love!
Sentimental Flowers:
    We’ve had several brides this summer who have used flowers that carry significance. Maybe using a few of the flowers your mother or his mother carried in her bouquet could make your bouquet seem a bit more significant. Incorporating your husband’s birth month flower is another romantic way to make your bouquet seem just a little more special.
Lockets and Charms:
    Lots of brides in the past year have begun incorporating different charms and lockets to make their bouquet more personal. We’ve seen a LOT of monogram pins that not only add a little something special to the bouquet, but can also be passed down as an heirloom. Lockets with photos of loved ones are also very popular and a great way to remember someone that has passed.
    Lots and Lots of brides have gotten in to this trend over the past year! Feathers are a great way to add dimension and texture to your bouquet. We’ve seen all colors, shapes and sizes of feathers used to accent bouquets.
    No matter how many trends come and go, it’s hard to beat a simple bouquet of red or white roses. This classic is one that will never go out of style!

Are you a “bride-to-be”? We’d love to hear what kind of bouquet you’re planning on carrying! And don’t forget to send it to Freezeframe | bloombeads after the wedding to preserve it in a frame or a piece of jewelry!