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Wrapped Couture

Flowers that Last

Flowers That Last Many of us watched the Royal Wedding with great anticipation of the same details we look for in the many weddings that we see on a regular basis. What’s the style of her dress? What will the bridesmaids wear? What will the cake look like and even the flowers. We all know that the bride is the star of the show. But how many of us stop to think of what happens after the wedding day is said and done? Read more...

Courtney Mason Photography

Devoted to Details Open House

Grand opening of a freezeframe | bloombeads partner location captured in stunning photos by Courtney Mason. Check them out here!

Eventful Occasions

In the Spotlight: freezeframe | bloombeads

Last year at The Special Event conference, I was introduced to this incredible service while attending a presentation by celebrity wedding planner Sasha Souza. I receive frequent requests from couples looking for a way to preserve their wedding day flowers, and until then had not been able to locate a good resource. Read more...

Event Elixer

Loco Love : Freeze Frame | Bloombeads

I’m a super sentimental kind of girl. Always have been. Over the years my need to hold on to sentiment has developed into what I like to call “OrganizedPackRataphobia” (OPR) disease. So basically…I keep a lot of stuff because I think it all has meaning. My husband would debate that. Read more...

Your Dream Day

Flower Preservation Idea for Groom Gift

Most of us ladies have received a bouquet of flowers from our favorite man. Why not have those dried flower petals made into custom cufflinks for your groom to wear at the wedding? If you do this, give yourself about six months for the project to be finished. But he'll be so tickled about the thought and effort you put into getting him the perfect wedding gift! Read more...