Moulding:  300-150

(Image not to scale)

Matboard:  8505

Price as shown:  $319.95

Our team of floral preservation experts are looking forward to turning your wedding flowers or memorial blooms into a lasting keepsake. To schedule your consultation click HERE.

 Available to any client able to hand-deliver their flowers and pick-up the completed display from our Dayton, Ohio studio:

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Frequently asked questions

Bloombeads jewelry…..a personalized way to keep your most meaningful memories close. Bloombeads are the perfect gift: wedding gift, anniversary gift, memorial gift, any special occasion. We are able to use flowers to create wedding flower petal jewelry, memorial flower petal jewelry, keepsake flower petal jewelry.

Color:  The color of your Bloombeads jewelry will be the color of the flowers you send to us. We can create single color jewelry or combine up to five (5) colors. We are able to “brighten” the colors of already dried petals – just let us know you would like this option, there is no additional charge.

Quick FAQ:

How many blooms?   Most Bloombeads jewelry can be created from the petals in a standard bloom. The flower we use as an example is a rose.   A standard tea rose will have enough petals to make 2-3 beads. We recommend sending one (1) flower for each color you would like included in each piece of jewelry.  Bead bracelets - send 2-3 standard blooms for each color to be included. Rosaries - send 5-7 blooms of each color to be included.  Feel free to call with any questions about quantity of flowers.

Do dried petals work?   Yes, dried petals can be made into lovely, earth-toned Bloombeads. For bolder colors we are able to add brighteners to the flower petal material. Just ask, there is no charge for this service.

Can I include ashes?   Yes.

Turnaround time.   We are currently quoting a 9-month turnaround time for Bloombeads jewelry. We pay meticulous attention to quality and detail, which has created the demand for our service that has led to our turnaround time being what it is.

Do all kinds of flowers and botanical material work for Bloombeads jewelry?   YES! We are able to work with all blooms, filler, greenery…………even stems.

Do the flowers needs to be shipped overnight?   No. Choose the carrier you like…USPS, UPS, Fedex.

If your blooms are fresh, select a shipping service that gets them to our studio with 48 hoursIf your petals are already dry, use standard ground shipping.

Shipping instructions

How will I know if my flowers arrived?   Our staff will confirm via email that your flowers have arrived at our studio.

What do you do with leftover petals/jewelry material?   We seal any leftover petals/material in air-tight containers that is guaranteed to keep the material fresh for at least 12 months, possibly longer. This allows you to order additional items later…………..from the original material.

Will I be able to view the completed items prior to shipping?   Yes. At Bloombeads we go the extra mile. We photograph each piece of completed jewelry and email the photo for your approval. We ask that you respond to the email, approving the finished designs. Only then will you be asked to pay any remaining balance and confirm the final shipping address.