When planning your wedding flowers, one of the most stylish and classic looks can be using monochromatic color schemes, like all white.  If you are sentimental, you might want to save some of the blooms after the wedding.  So is it possible to preserve white flowers?  At Bloombeads | Freezeframe the answer is YES!   We have spent over 2 decades working to perfect the preservation process for white flowers.  We use a combination of color stabilizers, bleaches and post treatments to ensure longevity of brightness.  



Preserved white mini calla lily bouquet with bout

​Preserved cream garden roses, accented with white stock and ginestra

Preserved phalaenopsis orchids, mini calla lilies, garden roses and spray roses

Standard white calla lilies and white roses preserved in this stunning terrarium

Wedding invitation framed with preserved white rose, white mini callas, & white hydrangea

Pave design made from preserved garden roses, ranunculus,  succulents & seeded eucalyptus

Our sister company, Bloombeads.com, can also turn your white or cream wedding flowers into wearable keepsake jewelry!  To see our full range of options, check out the website.  To make Bloombeads jewelry, our team first preserves the blooms with the same freeze-drying method we use for the 3-dimensional displays.  We then turn the preserved petals into a malleable pulp, shape it into the jewelry setting, and lastly we kiln-fire and finish the piece.  

Moral of the story, don't be afraid to carry an all-white bouquet; IT CAN BE PRESERVED!!!  Happy wedding planning!


January 06, 2024 — freezeframeit Admin