Can White or Cream Wedding Flowers Be Preserved?

Can White or Cream Wedding Flowers Be Preserved?

When planning your wedding flowers, one of the most stylish and classic looks can be using monochromatic color schemes, like all white.  If you are sentimental, you might want to save some of the blooms after the wedding.  So is it possible to preserve white flowers?  At Bloombeads | Freezeframe the answer is YES!   We have spent over 2 decades working to perfect the preservation process for white flowers.  We use a combination of color stabilizers, bleaches and post treatments to ensure longevity of brightness.  



Preserved white mini calla lily bouquet with bout

​Preserved cream garden roses, accented with white stock and ginestra

Preserved phalaenopsis orchids, mini calla lilies, garden roses and spray roses

Standard white calla lilies and white roses preserved in this stunning terrarium

Wedding invitation framed with preserved white rose, white mini callas, & white hydrangea

Pave design made from preserved garden roses, ranunculus,  succulents & seeded eucalyptus

Our sister company,, can also turn your white or cream wedding flowers into wearable keepsake jewelry!  To see our full range of options, check out the website.  To make Bloombeads jewelry, our team first preserves the blooms with the same freeze-drying method we use for the 3-dimensional displays.  We then turn the preserved petals into a malleable pulp, shape it into the jewelry setting, and lastly we kiln-fire and finish the piece.  

Moral of the story, don't be afraid to carry an all-white bouquet; IT CAN BE PRESERVED!!!  Happy wedding planning!


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Blush & Cream Wedding Flower Preservation // Stephanie & Mark

Blush & Cream Wedding Flower Preservation // Stephanie & Mark

This stunning bouquet just needed to be kept forever, isn't it incredible?

Blush and cream are such romantic wedding colors, and this bride knew how to make her colors work for her throughout her wedding day details. From the mismatched bridesmaids dresses in tones of blush, to the hints of sparkle and lace, Stephanie and Mark had such a beautiful, classy wedding at Centre Park of West Chester! 

These gorgeous blooms from Glendale Florist, planned by Pink with Envy Events, and the photos from The Carrs are the perfect package, we were honored to create this piece from such a stunning Ohio wedding team! 


The blush toned bouquet Freezeframed as lasting floral art, isn't it stunning?!

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Floral Preservation // Gordon Gallery

Floral Preservation // Gordon Gallery

​When the flowers from your wedding day are truly the perfect reflection of your style, you might find yourself wanting to keep them.  We can understand why this bride wanted to preserve not only the bridal flowers, but also a bridesmaid's bouquet.  


Cafe ole dahlias, blush astilbe, peach and blush garden roses, and a variety of other jewel tone blooms.

​An AFTER image of the wedding flowers!  Preserved for a lifetime in contemporary yet classic silver imperial framing.

A stunning preserved flower display with the invitation fully framed by blooms from the bridal bouquet.


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Spring Floral Preservation Favorites l Bloombeads by freezeframe

Spring Floral Preservation Favorites l Bloombeads by freezeframe

Spring has arrived here in the showroom, with all the showers outside, at least we have pretty flowers! Our latest batch coming out of the freeze dryers have us ready for warmer weather that we know is right around the corner. 

Every flower that comes through our doors has a story to tell, we love hearing them, and making them into lasting jewelry and framed pieces for you! Below are some of our recent favorite before and afters, thank you for sharing the moments of your lives with us!

Stephanie and Mark's gorgeous wedding, which you can see more of here.

Venue: Centre Park of West Chester

Florist: Glendale Florist

Planner: Pink with Envy

Photographer:The Carrs & Co Photography House

Cake: Patricia's Weddings and Custom Cakes

" We drove down from near Chicago. Have a friend who had Freezeframe preserve her bouquet 5 years ago, it is so beautiful we never even looked for anyone closer to preserve our bouquet. 

We just wanted Freezeframe  to do the work."  Ashley from Highland Heights, Illinois.

This bracelet was a retirement gift. Each co-worker selected a bloom to give to their departing co-worker at her going-away party, and then the blooms were brought to us to preserve. Each bead in this 

bracelet was made from the blooms given to her by each of her co-workers. Can you believe how thoughtful and meaningful this gift was?!

Bride from New York, New York....LOVE the blush and cream!!

Florist:  Genell's Piqua

Florist: Flowerman

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A Victorian Charm Wedding at The Brightside

A Victorian Charm Wedding at The Brightside

At our venue The Brightside, no two events are ever the same and getting to be a part of the variety of events, from memorials to weddings to celebrating life's special moments has been incredible. Wedding and events planner, Lori Osborne of TLC Weddings & Events had a vision of mixing modern elements with vintage 1800 vibes, and asked us to create wearable pieces for the bridal model to wear.


A charming Victorian wedding at DIY Industrial venue, The Brightside Music & Event Venue in Dayton, Ohio. Photographed by Pottinger Photography l planned by TLC Weddings & Events l Flowers from The Flowerman! Flower Preservation by Bloombeads by freezeframe.


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Vibrant Floral Preservation // Nashville, TN // Styled Shoots Across America Tour

Vibrant Floral Preservation // Nashville, TN // Styled Shoots Across America Tour

Ever wonder how those beautiful Pinterest-worthy images come to life? Often times, vendors collaborate on what the industry refers to as styled shoots. Starting from a mood board of colors and textures, a team of wedding and event vendors works together to show you what a little bit of creativity and teamwork can bring to enhance your big day.

Styled Shoots Across America was founded by Heather Benge of Heather Benge Events, and she is just a gem in the wedding industry. Her kind hearted personality shines through her designs, and her willingness to share her talents through the spirit of community over competition helped grow her plan of shooting a stylized wedding shoot in all 50 states to an entire wedding community. A recognized and professionally certified event planner, Heather has been featured in publications in every major wedding magazine and blog with her weddings across the United States.

Back in October, our Social Media Manager was able to go be a part of this incredible shoot, taking one of our floral preservation boxes and jewelry sets with her to be a part of the talented vendor list. Hosted at the stunning Green Door Gourmet venue, we were especially excited that the flowers used in the bouquets and installations by Intrigue Designs were all grown and cut from their own farm.

The bright, vibrant colors in the moodboard Heather shared had us excited to put together a piece to include. We created one of our Vintage Keepsake Boxes from a sampling of the blooms. One of the bouquets came back home to Ohio with us, and is currently in our freeze dryers, anxiously waiting to be created into new designs.


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Say YES to Floral Preservation

Say YES to Floral Preservation

We're are bursting with excitement over an announcement coming to our clients later this month, which brings us to today's blog post! As a hint and peek of the concept for this upcoming collaboration, we are sharing some throwback images from long ago that reflect the possibilities that become realities when skilled artisans team up. If every bloom is a memory, this certainly is a meaningful story for us here at freezeframe.

About 10 years ago, a company in Columbus who offered floral preservation ran into hard times, and was in the difficult position of having to give customers back preserved flowers without being able to complete the framing. The customers were irate and the situation was tenuous.

When we learned of the circumstances that led to this, we realized that the only difference between that vendor and us, was luck. We decided to help, and worked with the vendor for nearly two years, completing every order for the amount that was due, even if that meant we were completing the work with no profit.

Our team volunteered on Sundays for those 2 years, as did the vendor, and we succeeded in completing every single order!! We wanted to share some of the images from that collaboration, because while it was difficult at the time, we look back on it with pride and satisfaction. It was a time that we truly believe our company did what was right, and put people over profits. We are friends with that vendor to this day, and we have enjoyed opening the vault of images of the work we completed back then!

What's most incredible about these preserved pieces is that this particular vendor was also a highly skilled framer, so she offered more complicated display options and we got to learn from her! From incorporating multiple wedding day images, to including additional accessories and details from the special moment that the piece was made to represent, it was truly a YES to any customer request, with endless possibilities. Several years ago we simplified our offerings, but being able to say YES is something we value and hope to be able to offer more of as soon as next month!

Keep an eye out here on the blog, over on our Facebook page & in our Instagram posts as we continue to share these memorable pieces, and let us know below in the comments below who you think our exciting new collaboration may be with!




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Rachael & Andrew // Dayton Masonic Center Wedding // Floral Preservation Frame

Rachael & Andrew // Dayton Masonic Center Wedding // Floral Preservation Frame

 One of the questions we get asked most often is WHY floral preservation? While it can be an investment, to many of our bride and grooms, it is a priceless keepsake to kickoff a lifetime together of memories.

Rachael knew she wanted a different color palate then most brides, and settled on navy blue, olive green and creams. She talked to her florist, Floral V Designs and wanted a soft, spring time look, which was captured perfectly with cream roses and lots of eucalyptus.

This same florist recommended her to us here at Freezeframe - Rachael looked at our website and scheduled an appointment. "When I called I had only a few hours (we were leaving for our honeymoon)! I felt so comfortable talking to the representative over the phone and once I saw the sample pieces in the showroom I knew I had to have Freeze Frame preserve my bouquet. My bouquet was everything I wanted it to look like. I wanted to have a reminder of my wedding day and how beautiful my bouquet was."

Rachael and Andrew were set up by a mutual friend during a large group gathering.After that day, Andy contacted her and asked her on a date - they went on five in just that first week! Four years later, here they are - still going on dates at those same restaurants, where they sit at those same tables to reminisce!

Andrew popped the question during a sunset horseback ride in the Smoky Mountains, this couple loves to travel and try out new adventures, and we wish them many in their relationship! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Pickett, your day was just beautiful and we are so lucky to be a part of your story!



Photography /

Flowers /

Hair & Makeup /

Venue /

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Must Ask Questions Before Choosing Your Flower Preservation Company

Must Ask Questions Before Choosing Your Flower Preservation Company

When human connections are symbolized with flowers, people find themselves with the urge to keep the blooms. For centuries, people have pressed flowers inside the pages of a book, an indication that this phenomenon is something that has been intrinsically human since our very beginning. Today, there are all sorts of options available the people to save meaningful flowers, which has certainly complicated the decision-making process for a person who is sitting in their kitchen on the Sunday after a wedding or memorial service, desperate to seek the best solution for saving their meaningful, and very perishable, flowers. So, how does a person find a solution that will leave them relieved and satisfied that their flowers are in good hands? In our 25 years in business, we have seen many floral preservation companies come and go, and we have worked with clients from all of the country who were disappointed by DIY preservation methods, or by the outcome of the preservation company that accepted their blooms. So, to help you navigate these waters, we think it helps to know the right questions to ask, and we've shared some of them below:


Does budget affect your floral preservation options? For many of us there are constraints on our options due to the realities of money. Professional flower preservation typically starts at $70-80 for a single bloom placed in a small keepsake, and can go up to many hundreds for a larger display made into a keepsake shadowbox. If these are prices that exceed your budget, you can still at least consider using a professional, based on their payment plan options and turnaround times. Our orders typically take about 6 months to complete, and we offer payment plans, so this time frame often turns professional flower preservation into a reality for our clients. Before giving up on professional preservation, reach out to your local preservation company and at least ask about payment plans. If there are no affordable options available to you, and if you are somewhat crafty, the internet is loaded with DIY videos for using Silica gel, Borax, Resin and Wax to do at home floral preservation, oftentimes with impressive results!



How many years have your been offering preservation services? This is a crucial question to ask because of the challenge of longevity. Let's face it, professional floral preservation is expensive; you are making an investment in what is essentially a 3-dimensional piece of artwork made from your actual flowers. It is important to know that your preservation company will be around in 5 or 10, or 20 years to help with any longevity issues you experience with your order.

How old are your examples? When you look at the examples in a showroom or on a website or social media, be sure to ask how old the pieces actually are. If the company can't show you anything that reveals how the flowers age over time, then how will YOU know what your flowers will look like over time?

What if I don't like the outcome? Our experience working with thousands of customers over the last 2+ decades has taught us a lot about meeting and exceeding customer expectations when it comes to flower preservation.The single biggest challenge is in defining expectations at the beginning of the process, so YOU are happy with the results at the end.  If your floral preservation company is making promises that they can't back up with past experience, past reviews, or examples, you might take note, because unlike other services, there are no 2nd chances with flower preservation.

Do you have a backup generator (only applicable if your preservation company is using freeze-drying)? We can't state it too many times, there is no such thing as 2nd chances when it comes to flower preservation. If a power outage occurs overnight while your blooms are sitting frozen in a freeze-dryer, they will thaw. Particularly when planning weddings, we can get so wrapped up in the warm and fuzzies of décor and mood boards, that the nuts and bolts of liability and the possibility of problems can get overlooked. How many of you requested proof of your venue's liability policies and occupancy status before booking the venue? Asking your flower preservation professional about backup generators has the same importance.

Can you show me examples of past customer orders? Let's admit it, the hamburger on a fast food ad does not even remotely resemble what comes through their drive thru window. We all do it as business owners; we create an ideal environment in which to photograph our offerings, and we use those photos to promote our products or services. But what results do we achieve when we unleash our team on the task of implementing our systems to create orders for our clients? That's really the most important content you should consider when choosing your flower preservation company. Our company posts monthly galleries on our homepages of real customer orders to help with answering this exact question. We select 10-25 of our favorites, just to provide a sampling of images for clients to review. Below are a few of the images we selected from over 200 orders we completed in the month of September.  To see the rest, check out out Recently Complete Gallery HERE.

Each month, hundreds of trusting clients choose to send their one-of-a-kind flowers to our studio in Dayton Ohio to have them preserved and turned into lasting keepsake art or jewelry. Often, clients will tell us that they had no idea such a service even exists, but that when they experienced a life event that was symbolized by flowers, they suddenly found themselves seeking a service like ours. Whether the event is a joyous one, like a wedding, anniversary, retirement or baby birth, or a somber one like a memorial, the emotional process is the same. In each instance, a person experiences a meaningful life event that is accented with flowers, and those flowers shift from being simple decorations to something much more; they become a symbol of connection.

 We hope this information is helpful and gives you some constructive direction when trying to decide what to do with your very important blooms! 

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Updated Showroom Procedures 6.15.20

Updated Showroom Procedures 6.15.20

It has been a long three months, and we are so grateful to all of you who were patient with us while we worked through the shutdown.  We are so happy to announce that the SHOWROOM IS NOW OPEN FOR IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS!  For those not ready to work in person, we still have No Contact appointments available, but for those ready to see things in person, we are ready for you!  



* The showroom doors will remain locked until your scheduled appointment time.

* If you arrive for your appointment early, please stay in your car until your appointment time. We ask that you limit guests to yourself and one other person.

* Please arrive on time. If you arrive late we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor your appointment window.

We have a welcome station at the bottom of the showroom steps:

1) Masks are required. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one.

2) We will take your temperature upon arrival using a no contact thermometer.

3) Please use the wipes provided upon arrival to the showroom.

* Please refrain from touching the jewelry items while in the showroom; our sales associates will be happy to help you with any jewelry items you would like to see more closely.


For all the reasons shown below, and more, we are here to serve you and cannot wait to help you preserve your most precious memories!


Have you celebrated an intimate wedding ceremony accented with your dream bouquet?  We are here to help.​


Have you suffered loss of a loved one with flowers that commemorate them?  

Maybe you have made a really special summer memory with kids in your life that include flowers?

Have you welcomed a new baby into your world?!

Is your garden growing breathtaking blooms because you are finding more time to tend to it?  We can preserve those too!

Maybe you renewed your vows during quarantine to celebrate a cherished relationship?

For all these reasons and more, we are here to celebrate YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, and we truly cannot wait to welcome you back to our showroom!

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