We're are bursting with excitement over an announcement coming to our clients later this month, which brings us to today's blog post! As a hint and peek of the concept for this upcoming collaboration, we are sharing some throwback images from long ago that reflect the possibilities that become realities when skilled artisans team up. If every bloom is a memory, this certainly is a meaningful story for us here at freezeframe.

About 10 years ago, a company in Columbus who offered floral preservation ran into hard times, and was in the difficult position of having to give customers back preserved flowers without being able to complete the framing. The customers were irate and the situation was tenuous.

When we learned of the circumstances that led to this, we realized that the only difference between that vendor and us, was luck. We decided to help, and worked with the vendor for nearly two years, completing every order for the amount that was due, even if that meant we were completing the work with no profit.

Our team volunteered on Sundays for those 2 years, as did the vendor, and we succeeded in completing every single order!! We wanted to share some of the images from that collaboration, because while it was difficult at the time, we look back on it with pride and satisfaction. It was a time that we truly believe our company did what was right, and put people over profits. We are friends with that vendor to this day, and we have enjoyed opening the vault of images of the work we completed back then!

What's most incredible about these preserved pieces is that this particular vendor was also a highly skilled framer, so she offered more complicated display options and we got to learn from her! From incorporating multiple wedding day images, to including additional accessories and details from the special moment that the piece was made to represent, it was truly a YES to any customer request, with endless possibilities. Several years ago we simplified our offerings, but being able to say YES is something we value and hope to be able to offer more of as soon as next month!

Keep an eye out here on the blog, over on our Facebook page & in our Instagram posts as we continue to share these memorable pieces, and let us know below in the comments below who you think our exciting new collaboration may be with!




January 06, 2024 — freezeframeit Admin